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Optimizing an Online Presence

In manufacturing, ‘lean’ refers to the process of reducing waste and constantly tweaking an existing system to maximize productivity. In a meta way, we applied lean principles to L2L’s (previously Leading2Lean) marketing operations.

One simple HubSpot Pop-Up doubled their conversion rate. Refreshing the homepage and updating their messaging doubled it again. We used HotJar to continue to analyze visitor behavior and continue to improve their homepage performance. 

Throw in a healthy dose of CRO and SEO, and Leading2Lean continues to see a hefty impact from their investment in HubSpot. In fact, our content strategy doubled their CTR rate and took their impressions from 500 to 5,000.

P.S., We swapped over domains in the summer months, so the above stats are compared to the data from their old site: 

L2L Traffic

We also unified the sales, communications, and marketing team and dubbed it the Revenue Triad. Our work with sales included the development of custom training manuals, as well as the development of sales sheets. 

Campaigns included three funnels, with a conversion rate of ~45% between the TOFU and MOFU levels. We also deployed the strategy around their industry-renowned Manufacturing Index, which gained them massive PR exposure.

The CMO team are a rare breed of mavericks pushing HubSpot to levels most other agencies would consider ludicrous. I wouldn't trust anyone else except CMO to architect, deploy, and optimize our technical RevOps engine.

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