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CMO Employee Spotlight: Nicole Turner

In our Spotlight series, we bring in one Chief Martech Officer team member at a time for a quick chat about marketing, career, HubSpot, and life. Today we are introducing another one of our employees: Nicole Turner

Multi-talented and multifaceted, Nicole is a salsa dancer, world traveler, Inbound Marketing strategist, and true yogi. As you'll hear in the interview, she radiates calm and confidence—even when things get a little hectic in the workplace. That groundedness means she's always ready to jump in on any projects we need help with. 

You can read or listen to the interview below.


Work Life

What is your role at CMO?

I am a HubSpot Technologist, which essentially means I help our clients to prepare and implement Inbound Marketing strategies, and I help them use the tools within HubSpot more effectively.

What is your favorite HubSpot tool?

If I had to choose one, I’d say workflows and sequences are pretty neat.

I think the way you build those email nurturing workflows within Hubspot is really user friendly, it’s visually pleasing, and it makes the whole process really manageable for somebody with or without technology experience.

Overall the same kind of qualities apply to HubSpot as a whole. I love the vast amount of marketing research and educational information they provide not only about the software, but about modern marketing and sales methodologies.

It’s an awesome platform that expands beyond being just a tool!

What’s the best thing about remote life?

Remote life to me is about having the ability to work when I feel the most productive and motivated! Having the freedom to manage my schedule and life makes sense from both sides (the employee and employer). In return for this freedom, an employee has to work a certain amount of hours per week, as they can’t get away with just wasting time at the office—which benefits an employer greatly. The amount of time people waste in a traditional office environment is shocking. I love that my distractions from others have been diminished as this has helped me to stay focused for longer periods of time, producing a better quality of work. And I really like that I still have the option to chat with coworkers via Slack and email when support is needed, too.

What is your biggest achievement to date?

I’d say there are a couple of them that stand out for me.

Travel to 20 countries, living and working with my dog in Australia for 5 years. This was a magical personal and professional goal that I was lucky to have the opportunity to do. While living in Australia I decided to change careers from traditional corporate marketing to remote digital marketing, and after 4 years of training myself and getting work experience, I landed my dream career at a remote digital marketing agency, which is my current role at CMO. It’s been a pretty long journey getting to this point!

Tapping into my love for health, wellness, and spirituality and getting certified in over 500 hours of training to become a yoga teacher and turning it into a side business has been very special, too.

What blogs, podcasts, groups, etc. would you recommend our readers follow?

I am religiously on HubSpot’s Marketing blogs! I refer to it for almost every marketing question that I have.

There’s other blogs that have good information such as CoSchedule tools and blogs .

Moz is a really good blog for SEO. I also frequently read stuff by Neil Patel, also listen to some of HubSpot’s podcasts like The Growth Show and Skill up.

When I was in Australia I was listening to The Hubcast by Marcus Sheridan and George Thomas, it’s all about HubSpot from their perspective.

If you live in San Diego and want to meet  people in person and go to a great educational and networking group then you have to become a member of SD Inbound. It’s where I met Nicole Pereira, the founder of CMO, and how I got my current job! Highly recommended!


Life Life

What do you do when you are not HubSpotting for our clients?

You can find me almost every day either practicing or teaching yoga, and doing stand up paddle board yoga.

Travel has been a  big part of my life over the years, but lately I’ve been hanging out more with my dogs, friends, family, and spending time outdoors.

What is your motto or personal mantra?

I don’t have just one. I use mantras a lot in my personal life, during my yoga practice, during meditation. They are helpful in good times and bad. My favorite one and the only tattoo I have is ‘I am love.’ It’s to remind myself to show up every day with that in mind.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Besides traveling, I have a love for going to spas and getting massages! It’s a great way to mentally, emotionally, and physically wind down and relax. It’s a great way to spend time.

Do you have a unique talent?

I grew up as a gymnast and as a dancer, and I’ve taken that experience and become a pretty decent salsa dancer!

Where do you live and why do you love living there?

I live in Pacific Beach, San Diego, my house is about 8 blocks from the beach. I am originally from San Francisco, so I have always lived near water, but as soon as I came to SD for university the warmer weather, water, and palm trees hooked me in. I came and I never left!


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