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How Campaign Creators Built a Lead Management Process to Close More Sales with Fewer Leads

In this interview, Nicole Pereira joins Leadfeeder to talk about high-value prospects. Learn the 3-phase approach that Nicole helped develop; it helps their clients shorten sales cycles and win more customers. 
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Topics:   Media Mentions, Interviews


CMO Owner Spotlight: Nicole Pereira

In this series, we are talking to Chief Martech Officer's experts about marketing, their careers, HubSpot, and life. Today we are introducing our founder and CEO: Nicole Pereira. 

SD Voyager Spotlight: Nicole Turner

SDVoyager, an online magazine, featured Chief Martech Officer's HubSpot Specialist, Nicole Turner, about her journey through life so far. In it, Nicole describes why she became a yoga teacher and how ...

CMO Employee Spotlight: Kamlesh Kamalyia

In this series, we bring in one Chief Martech Officer member at a time for a quick chat about marketing, career, HubSpot, and life. Today we are introducing another one of our employees: Kamlesh ...