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Should I Use a Slider On My Website?

Ah, the great slider debate. There are a few instances where sliders may make a good addition to your website. Nicole Pereira shares some examples on this blog post form Make Yourself Visible. 
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SD Voyager Interviews Chiara Burns

SDVoyager, an online magazine, featured Chief Martech Officer's copywriter, Chiara Burns, about work and life. In it, Chiara describes the (unconventional) trajectory of her career, and how it led to ...

Jen Bergren Promoted to HubSpot Marketing Consultant at Chief Martech Officer

Jen Bergren was featured on Ellevate for her promotion to HubSpot Marketing Consultant at Chief Martech Officer (CMO).  She began at CMO as a Marketing Technologist, but after a burst of company ...

22 Common Email Marketing Mistakes & How to Avoid and Overcome Them

Marketing mistakes happen. They range from hiccups to disasters, and in this article from, 51 marketers weigh in on some of the most common email marketing mistakes. Among them is one of ...