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Generate Leads In Hubspot Without Landing Pages

Discover additional tactics you can use to start generating leads in HubSpot today.

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HubSpot, B2B Tactics, B2B Mistakes

In episode #42 of The Growth Marketing Podcast, Nicole Pereira shares her HubSpot expertise. Learn how you can use HubSpot,benefit from it, and go from beginner to expert. Nicole also shares some ...
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How Campaign Creators Built a Lead Management Process to Close More Sales with Fewer Leads

In this interview, Nicole Pereira joins Leadfeeder to talk about high-value prospects. Learn the 3-phase approach that Nicole helped develop; it helps their clients shorten sales cycles and win more ...
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Secrets of Success, Why We Buy Stuff More and More

With so many small businesses already using digital technology, it’s surprising how few understand the ways their customers have changed. Nicole Pereira gives us a much needed introduction to the ...
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How to Grow 2 Successful Agencies at the Same Time

CMO founder and CEO, Nicole Pereira, made a guest appearance on the podcast Inbound Agency Journey. In it, she delves into how she scaled her two businesses at the time: Campaign Creators and Deep ...
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Expert Interview: Nicole Pereira

Paysa interviewed Chief Martech Officer Nicole Pereira about her experience in digital marketing. Discover how Nicole came to where she is today, as well as some savvy advice to fellow IT pros on ...
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Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies in San Diego

Get a behind-the-scenes look at some of today's best marketing agencies. Included is one of Nicole Pereira's past businesses, Campaign Creators, which she co-founded with Bob Asfari. 
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How to Amplify Your In-Person Events with Lead Nurturing and Marketing Automation

In this article on, Nicole Pereira talks about one of her areas of expertise: cultivating connection. Learn how you can use lead nurturing and marketing automation to amplify your ...
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