Discover additional tactics you can use to start generating leads in HubSpot today.

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Shopify VS BigCommerce: Does It Really Matter Which One You Choose?

If you're not a web dev pro, choosing an online eCommerce platform for your business can be difficult. In this Template Monster article, 10 experts (including CMO's Nicole Pereira) share their ...
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[Web Design Mauvais Ton] 10+ Techniques to Avoid

In this Template Monster article, experts give their opinions on what website designers need to stop doing. With more than 20 interesting insights (including some excellent ones from Nicole Pereira), ...
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How to do Email Marketing the Right Way: 32 Experts Weigh In

In this post on Omnisend, discover best practices for your email marketing. Featuring CMO's Nicole Pereira, you'll quickly learn the dos and donts of email marketing--and how to do it right. 
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Meet Hansen Hunt of SD Inbound

Hansen Hunt worked with Nicole Pereira of Chief Martech Officer to elevate San Diego's HubSpot User Group. They wanted to create a resource, a place to learn from others. That led to the creation of ...
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35 HubSpot Features that Users Can't Live Without

You know it: We love talking about HubSpot. In this article on Databox, dozens of HubSpot customers were interviewed about HubSpot features they absolute love. Ever wonder which features our ...
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Top 220+ Experts Recommended Best SEO Tools

How do you get SEO success on your website? Should you hire an agency? Should you do it yourself? If you're going to brave the SEO battlefield, you'll want to be armed with the right tools. CMO's ...
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Flip the Switch: Episode 27, Nicole Pereira of Campaign Creators

Our CEO and founder, Nicole Pereira, was interviewed on Flip the Switch Podcast. The podcast is hosted by Austin Mahaffey, Pat Kreidler, John Saunders, and Joe Hollerup. Together, they tie the worlds ...
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