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INBOUND 2018: HubSpot SVP of Product Christopher O’Donnell Product Spotlight

Introducing the Growth Suite

With HubSpot's growth, we have seen lots of little products launched with their own price points. When you want many or all options it becomes a bit confusing. Previously you would have multiple contracts and payment sources.

The new growth suite attempts to bundle all products together with a nice fat discount, yay!

Available for 25% off list pricing of all products.



New HubSpot Enterprise-Level Features

In order to service larger companies and over more value HubSpot has beefed up their enterprise product levels.

Important Marketing Updates:

  • Important Updates:
  • Facebook Messenger tools
  • Continuous A/B testing
  • Email Throttling

Important Sales Updates:

  • Automated call transcription
  • Integrated sales playbooks
  • Quote approvals

Important Service Updates:

  • Company health scoring
  • Customer service goals
  • Workflow extensions

Available all Hubspot Enterprise product levels



Video Creation, Hosting, and Management

One of the hottest subject in digital marketing is video and everything related. HubSpot has partnered with Vidyard to offer you video hosting which you could not reliably do before in the file manager due to file size.

Important Updates:

  • Woven throughout all parts of HubSpot
  • Video Creation
  • Video Hosting
  • Video Management
  • Built in video forms and video ctas
  • 1 on 1 video emails for sales teams and customer service

Available on all Hubspot Professional product levels



HubSpot CMS

By far the most underate Hubspot product is their CMS. Even if you do not want their marketing platform, consider using their new stand-alone CMS.

Important updates:

  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • Dynamic content personalization.
  • Free SSL
  • Free CDN (content delivery network

Only $300 a month


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