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If you love generating results with your visual talents...

you might be an Interactive Designer!

What You'll Be

Interactive Designers are masters of design technology and visual storytelling. They spend their days crafting digital assets intended to inform, convert, and delight those that interact with a brand.

You will work on a wide range of digital collateral and become a steward of our clients' brand giving it strength and consistency.

If you love the intersection of branding and digital design then this job may be for you!

This is a 100% W2 remote position!

What You'll Get

  • Remote Working
  • Flexible hours
  • Tech Reimbursement
  • Education Budget
  • Loads of Mentorship

This list will only get better with time!

What You'll Need







  • 1-2 years of working with digital marketers
  • 2-3 years of consulting, freelancing, or working in an agency
  • 2-3 years experience prepping design files for developers
  • 3-5 years working as a designer producing digital content (at a minimum ebook layouts, social media image sourcing, and website design)
  • You Kern like a boss
  • An ability to be communicative, flexible, and precise under tight deadlines
  • Proficiency in the Adobe suite and Sketch like tools
  • Resourceful troubleshooter
  • Highly disciplined/organized and able to segment your time and focus in order to hit deadlines
  • Comfortable working with minimal supervision
  • Able to deliver client ready work that is fully tested and contains minimal mistakes.
  • Excellent attitude and desire to learn

Most of our clients are in B2B software or B2B technology services. Please be familiar and excited to design for these types of businesses.

What You'll Do

  • Design
    • You will often take a basic brand and "refresh" or enhance it by creating a new standard for digital assets like:
      • Website Design
      • Digital content design (ebooks, power points, infographics, data visualization)
      • Social Media/blog imagery
      • Calls to action (advertising like combination of visuals and copy to incite a click)
      • Photo touch-ups
  • Strategy
    • You will lead clients through the process needed to deliver on your design goals through developing website and content architectures.
    • You will generate briefs that clearly communicate clients needs and goals
  • Technology
    • Understand and utilize relevant technologies for your role (photoshop, indesign, prototyping, image banks, design feedback tools...)
  • Client Management
    • Keep personal meeting notes
    • Create client facing documents/presentations to present your work (diagrams, flowcharts, strategy documents, delivered work...)
  • Project Management
    • Monitor your clients' projects
    • Self-administer your own tasks
    • Provide developer direction
  • Communication
    • Remain communicative and available with team and clients via slack, email, text, conference call and smoke signals during reasonable business hours.
  • Internal Operations
    • Participate in regular team connect calls
  • Internal Marketing & Sales
    • Contribute to company marketing (blog, social, seo...)
    • Assist in the sales process when needed
  • Education
    • Complete & Maintain Relevant HubSpot Certifications
    • Attend in person and virtual educational events

"You get to also liberally own our brand. It's a great way to be more creative when clients constrain you."

Nicole Pereira CEO