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If you love guiding purpose, people, and process...

You might be a HubSpot Marketing Consultant!

What You'll Be

HubSpot Marketing Consultants are pros in the platform, who can advise our clients on the best course of action for marketing (and ultimately, revenue) results. As the main contact for many of our clients, you will be on the front-lines of managing their projects and directing the resources needed to complete projects well and on-time. Communication is a big part of the job!

You will be working alongside a HubSpot Marketing Technologist, who will be building the pages, emails, and more, within Hubspot for your clients. A designer, copywriter, and a web developer will look to you for direction and guidance to complete your clients' projects. 

If you love the feeling of guided freedom, the ability to learn things on your own but have the support of those who have done it before, this job is for you.

What You'll Get

  • Remote Working
  • Flexible hours
  • Tech Reimbursement
  • Education Budget
  • Loads of Mentorship

This is a 100% remote position. 

What You'll Need







  • 2-3 years of diverse digital marketing experience
  • 2-3 years actively using the HubSpot platform
  • 1-2 years of project management experience
  • 1-2 years of direct client management
  • Deep understanding of Hubspot and its many parts
  • Resourceful troubleshooter with a high technical understanding of marketing tools
  • Well versed in inbound funneling strategies, lead generation, lead nurturing, lead qualification, and marketing automation as it pertains to deployment in HubSpot
  • Highly disciplined/organized and able to segment your time and focus in order to hit deadlines
  • Able to manage a budget of hours
  • Comfortable working with minimal supervision
  • Able to direct others to deliver client-ready work that is fully tested and contains minimal mistakes. You are quality control before anything is sent to the client.

What You'll Do

  • Technology
    • Advise and strategize the creation of web pages, landing pages, emails, templates, forms, workflows, contacts, integrations, settings...
    • Troubleshoot issues
    • Train clients on HubSpot best practices
  • Strategy
    • Devise the best strategic approach to achieve client website, lead generating, lead nurturing goals within the HubSpot platform
  • Client Management
    • Prompt client communication
    • Leading client meetings
    • Understanding and addressing client concerns
  • Project Management
    • Manage your clients' projects
    • Self-administer your own tasks
    • Assign and monitor work for technologists, developers, designers, copywriters, and contractors as needed
    • Manage clients' budgets (hours)
  • Communication
    • Remain communicative and available with team and clients via Slack, email, text, conference call and smoke signals during reasonable business hours.
  • Internal Operations
    • Participate in regular team connect calls
  • Internal Marketing & Sales
    • Contribute to company marketing (blog, social, SEO...)
    • Assist in the sales process when needed
  • Education
    • Complete & Maintain ALL HubSpot Certifications within 6 months
    • Attend in person and virtual educational events

The "Nice But Not Required" List

  • You can write marketing copy for emails, web pages, landing pages, and SEO (either shot and punchy or direct and functional)
  • You might have better than average design skills (or design directing skills)
  • In a past life, you may have been known to code

"As a founding Employee, you will have a huge say in where the company goes!"

Nicole Pereira CEO