CMO Branded Content Workshops
Never Alone

Expert-Led Guided Workshops

Like the Mr. Miyagi to your Karate Kid, we'll take you through the exercises that help you discover your inner power and stand out from the competition.

It all comes down to on-brand, off-brand. 

Very Polished

Wow Your Stakeholders

The workshop deliverables are thick, juicy, and well-done. Nothing half-baked here.

Delight investors and employees alike when you serve up beautifully designed documents that satiate all their brand-related questions.

Totally You

Custom Branded Documents

We love to make you look good.

Each workshop results in unique documents that not only contain the information needed to keep your company on-brand, but are designed in a way that visually embodies that brand. 

Our Workshop Pricing

Because we also hate having to call just to get pricing!

Persona Workshop$4,000

You need this workshop if: 

  • Your team isn’t 100% aligned (or sure) on who you are and whom you sell to; 
  • You need a better framework for making customer-centric decisions; and/or
  • You need to establish a company-wide understanding of your buyers’ wants and needs. 

The result of this workshop is a set of comprehensive Persona Profiles that details:

  • Who your buyers are;
  • What they need; and
  • How to meet them where they are.

Messaging Workshop$8,000

You need this workshop if: 

  • Your offering is unclear to website visitors or doesn't leverage emotion-based decisions; 
  • Your marketing and sales teams aren’t aligned; and/or
  • You’re not sure what makes you stand out from competitors.

The resulting Messaging Playbook is an investor-friendly powerpoint that includes:

  • Competitor diagrams;
  • Product positioning & key messages; 
  • Common sales objections & standardized counterpoints. 

Content Style Workshop$4,000

You need this workshop if:

  • You want to appear more consistent, genuine, and trustworthy to customers; 
  • You’re seeking to advertise your best self and aren’t sure what that looks like; and/or
  • You need to get better work out of your writers and contributors. 

The resulting Content Style Guide includes a 40+ page document with:

  • Officialized Why statement & core values
  • Foolproof parameters for what your brand should sound like  
  • 20-page AP style guide 

Combining all 3 workshops offers a 25% reduction in price due to efficiency.



Know that every dollar you spend with us is being used in the most efficient way possible.

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When budgets change, internal hires are made, or it just doesn't work out, you do not feel tied down.

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