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HubSpot RevOps LaunchPad Program Pricing

Because we also hate having a call just to get pricing!

HubSpot Sales Hubup to $16,000

Your Sales Process Map acts as your sales person’s best friend:

  • It’s tactical- it surfaces the most actionable deals, contacts, and tasks 
  • Reduces the cognitive taxation- tasks are automatically triggered and leads are automatically qualified so there is no need to rely on your memory to get things done- the operations machine tells them where action is needed 
  • Strategic- when the road map is planned, you can see where you are going and where you are coming from

Can Include:

  • Planning
    • CRM Modeling
    • Sales Process Map
      • Lead Routing
      • Sequences/Templates
      • Pipeline Progression
      • New Client Hand Off
  •  Implementation
    • Settings Audit & Configuration
    • CRM Cleanup/Migration
    • Sales Process Map
  • Live Training
  • Documentation

HubSpot Marketing Hubup to $18,000

The Marketing Process Map is all about finding a way to model your best and most profitable customer journey, and to capture those processes and deploy them to make that journey standardized and repeatable across your entire operation. 

Most companies get stuck in marketing as an abstract. We specialize in making marketing concrete.

Can Include:

  • Planning
    • CRM Modeling
    • Marketing Process Map
      • Naming Conventions
      • Lifecycle stages
      • Lead Scoring
      • Lists/Segments
      • Forms
      • Chat/Bots
      • Emails
      • Workflows/Automation
    • Reporting Specifications
  • Implementation
    • Settings Audit & Configuration
    • CRM Cleanup/Migration
    • Marketing Process Map
    • Reporting Dashboards
  • Live Training
  • Documentation

HubSpot Service Hubup to $16,000

Well thought out processes that are executed flawlessly over and over again allow your Customer Success team to be proactive instead of reactive

Most companies just use the ticketing system to route to a Customer Success Rep and then let the rep move the system along from there

We want to build you a smarter approach...

Where the process of intaking tickets and the resolution of your customers' problems are intertwined.

That way, your reps can spend more time helping people instead of managing tickets

Can Include:

  • Planning
    • CRM Modeling
    • Service Process Map
      • Conversations
      • Ticket Pipeline
      • Surveys
      • Knowledge Center
  •  Implementation
    • Settings Audit & Configuration
    • Service Process Map
  • Custom Documentation
  • Live Training

*these are common project scopes. This can be customized to your actual needs. Bundle projects for substantial savings.

CRM & Settings only projects tend to be around $5,000




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